Healing Works offers individual and family counseling. We use a variety of methods and have a spiritual focus. We move fast and want our clients to feel better immediately. We partner with other professionals and may recommend other services to supplement our work. Your healing and growth is our priority.

How We Work:
With ChildrenWith Children: We believe in the healing power of expressive therapies. Play heals! We like parents to be in the room whenever possible as our partners in their child’s healing process. Divorced parents will be invited to come together. Your child needs to know that they still have a family.

With TeensWith Teens: We include parents at the beginning and end of every session. Teens LOVE their privacy, but need your love, support and guidance to heal. Expressive therapies, especially art are offered. We try to meet your teen at their strong places.

With AdultsWith Adults: Therapy is a journey that we take together. Often, we need to go back to the past to uncover/recover the authentic you that got lost or stuck. We deal with the inner child and family of origin issues, as well as what’s happening now. Additional help may be needed and we partner with other excellent programs, groups and workshops to cover all the bases.

InterventionsInterventions: Feeling helpless? Not sure how to help a loved one who is unable to manage their alcohol or drug use, gambling, spending, sexual conduct, eating disorder, cutting or other problem behavior? Are you exhausted, worn out, worried sick? We can help! Healing Works offers a 2-day intensive Family Transformational Intervention that is non-shaming for the entire family. Our ultimate goal is long term recovery and joy for everyone. We partner with many amazing treatment programs and rehabs. We believe in the disease concept and the 12 Steps.

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ChargesCharges: Healing Works does not accept insurance, however, we do try to keep our costs low. Our hourly rate for individual and family therapy is $80.00, regardless of how many people are in the session. The fee for most of our workshops is $30. Our group therapy rate is typically $30.00. Interventions start at $3,500.

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 7 PM
closed Saturday and Sunday, except for special events.