Clinician’s“Psychotherapy is the only form of therapy there is. Since only the mind can be sick, only the mind can be healed.”

From: Psychotherapy: Purpose and Practice, an Extension of the Principles of a Course in Miracles

Healing Works believes psychotherapists have the most important job in the world. We try to support the practices of like-minded colleagues through services, partnerships and support. We offer:

  • Community Email List/Facebook Group: Our list connects and promotes the work of Lehigh Valley clinicians by notifying others of trainings, groups, supervision, office space, interns, jobs, referrals and more. Email us to be added. Join our Facebook group: Lehigh Valley Clinicians. There are referrals almost daily!
  • Monthly Free Peer Supervision Group: Our free, monthly group meets the first Tuesday of every month except February. It’s a brown-bag lunchtime meeting and a great time to discuss tough cases, exchange business cards, market a workshop or just connect. Come and get community and support—you are not alone!
  • Professional Workshops: We offer intimate and larger trainings on interesting topics right here in Allentown. CEUs are usually offered. These are listed on the Events page along with community events.

We LOVE opportunities to partner, support and share—we think you are amazing!

For inpatient treatment providers, Healing Works offers Clinical Excellence Consulting, a 2+ day onsite visit to your facility to observe your programs and make recommendations. Using both clinical expertise and years of experience as a referent, we can guide you toward excellence and your own amazing niche! Our report will include the following areas:

Treatment protocols and delivery                            Employee development and support                    Alternative and expressive therapies                    Alumni relations              And more!

Clinical Excellence Consulting                             Clinical Excellence Consulting cover